No Excuses

Left picture: 145 pounds. Taken in 2010, but exemplary of my body’s look up until January 2013, when I started working out.


17 months to achieve my current look.

I thought I’d always be skinny. 170 pounds? No fucking way.

People make all sorts of excuses for why they look the way they look. Asian men usually go with, “I’m skinny because it’s in the genes.”


You’re skinny because you don’t lift weights and/or eat enough. Which is completely fine. There’s nothing morally wrong with being skinny. Just acknowledge that you’re shifting responsibility to externalities and stop.

You look the way you look because you do the things you do, and/or because you don’t do the things you don’t do. For better or worse, you are always at cause.

I weighed 145 pounds beause I didn’t lift weights or eat enough.

I now weigh 170 pounds because for the last year and a half, I’ve been employing a strategy called Showing Up and Staying Late.

I work out more consistently than the other guys in my gym. I work out harder. My form is better. If my form on an exercise is shit, I ask somebody in the know for pointers. If there’s nobody, I go on YouTube.

I eat more. I count my protein intake. I step on the scale every other day. Back in January of this year I even wrote a giant “170” on a piece of paper and taped it to the back of my front door, so that every time I left the house, I’d be reminded of my goal.

In a phrase, I care more. That’s how I got up to 170 pounds.

My next goal is 180.

No excuses. If I don’t make it, then I didn’t want it bad enough. Simple as that.



5 thoughts on “No Excuses

  1. Excellent post. I started working out in July 2013, and started working with a trainer in October 2013. I’m making my way from 145 to 170 also.

    1. BH,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Good shit. The same 25-pound gain, but with a much faster time. Congrats. Keep it up.


  2. Determination is the one thing you can’t buy and can rarely train. But when someone finds it, and truely commits to a goal, they are unstopable. Great post and I look forward to your 180 update.

    1. PM, thanks for reading and the compliment. You’re right. Motivation and inspiration are overrated. It’s the determination to achieve a goal long after the inspiration has escaped that matters. Tha’s the sign of a powerful man.

      RE: 180 pounds, that will definitely take some time. But I’ll be blogging about my updates along the way.


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