An Open Letter to Asian Men of the West

Consider for a moment that pussy is a tradable good in the sexual marketplace, and that its quarterly performance, whether good or bad, has measurable impact on the majority of men. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, this majority does not include you. Pussy’s fluctuation on the S&P bears no consequence on your personal life, because by virtue of your being a Western male of Asian descent, you don’t own even a single one of its stocks. Like a Wall Streeter that’s been caught red-handed cheating the system, you’ve been banned from ever reveling in the joy that is trading the commodity of a warm, gushy vag. Of course, your ban is for night-and-day reasons than the Wall Streeter’s—that is, due to your race—but it’s a ban, no less. Knowing this, you do your business elsewhere. In fact, as I scribble down these words, you’ve just finished negotiating a very different type of exchange: trading in your useless cock for yet another set of Magic cards.

The dismal reality you find yourself in is that women don’t want you for anything except the occasional help on a computer or numbers-related problem. Without knowing it, you are at all times competing with your one billion brothers and cousins to be the World’s Least Fuckable Man. Your own female counterparts are producing half-white babies at a spiraling rate, but you, on the other hand, have been left virtually unchanged amidst the media’s push to promote interracial dating; women of others races would sooner make love to a cucumber than to be seen with you in broad daylight. You are, for all intents and purposes, an uncool, unsexable, unfriendable, school-sentimental, library-loitering, grade-greedy, work-wallowing boob of a fucking loser.

Of course, this prejudice extends far beyond the vaginal sphere. Men don’t respect you. The public neither supports nor stands up for you. Your social value is i; that is, imaginary. You lack a diversity of friends. Those few members unfortunate enough to be considered indispensable to your crew are, without doubt, Asian themselves, and therefore just like you. Together you roll to any and every event, your constant brimming show of unapologetic pride for having been born with a flat nose and chinky eyes seemingly self-evident. But you and I know better, that behind the veil it’s all just overcompensation for feelings of worthlessness and self-hate engulfing you whole.

“I Am at Cause”

The problem is twofold. Number one, consider that, despite all the above, you haven’t yet discovered your true threshold for pain. Sure, it hurts to be reminded that you’re an unfuckable loser, but regardless of my saying it here, you already know this to be the persistent mindset held by society at large. So that’s not the problem. The problem is that either you know but are denying, or don’t know and are therefore oblivious to, the fact that everything so far discussed in this letter is a product not of other people or things, but of you. In essence, this whole thing is completely, 100-percent your fault.

Up until now, you’ve shown adamant resistance in taking responsibility for the totality of your life. You cause the successes, but the failures, especially regarding women, you keep imputing elsewhere. Stop playing that game. Retire. Cut the bullshit and change right now. I am responsible for the totality of my life. Do not read further until that declaration becomes a tattoo in your blood.

Transcending Your Race

Number two is equally important and it’s the problem I’ll be discussing from now until this letter’s conclusion: it’s the problem of never having transcended your race. This, my fellow Asian men of the West, is the real reason I’m writing to you now. Not as a coach in the dugout, not as a spectator deep in the upper deck. I’m right where you are, on the field of experience, playing the same game you’re playing, sporting the same exact digs you’re sporting. The difference is I’ve already withstood the onslaught of my being an Asian male in the West long enough to ascertain the best way to slip the cuffs and taste the freedom that is pussy in abundance. The solution is right there, contained inside those three words, “Transcend Your Race.”

The term serves as a very simple but powerful reminder that, despite everything you’ve been taught, you do not have to identify as being whatever race or ethnicity chance so blindly conferred upon you as a life sentence all those years back. You had no say in the genetic makeup meeting that took place prior to your birth, so to spout pride (or shame, even) for being a certain skin color or for belonging to a certain ethnic group, is like bragging about “your” Seattle Seahawks’ winning the Superbowl. Your contribution was illusory. There is no merit. There is no achievement.

Get this on an emotional level and you’ll begin to wake to the consequences that inevitably follow:

1) You are now required to turn your back on that which you’ve made both your life’s sultan and scapegoat: the media, with particular emphasis on Hollywood. The lone script you’ve been reading from since catching a TV airing of Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the first time—that it’s fuck the yellowface, the caricatures, the “herro” accents; that you’re done with the fobby landlords and the fried rice and the Jackie Chans and Leslie Chows of the world; that you demand an Asian George Clooney be cast as a repeated lead in non-math, non-kung fu blockbuster hits—that same horrible script you’ve been clinging to can now be ripped, torn, crumpled, and disposed of in the nearest trash can. Hollywood can now depict Asians any way it likes. The correlation you once thought to be indelible—the “less Asian” and more desirable the character, the better your sex life—is no more. You now realize the inanity of such a sick, dependent relationship, and can acknowledge that celebrity “role models” are for women, not men.

This picture doesn’t affect you anymore.

2) Piggybacking off number one, you have a new mantra regarding all things Asian-related, and it’s simply, eloquently, inexorably—”Who gives a fuck.” The infamous shy, effeminate, good student, bad driver, big brain, tiny wood stereotype. The derogatory names. What I wrote earlier, that women see you only as an unfuckable loser, and that men don’t respect you. Jesus Christ, even the Holy Grail of Asian betrayal: white-cock worship from your own females! None of these can sway your sensibilities one way or the other anymore. Tina Lu can stuff John Smith’s meat in her mouth as many times as it takes for her to feel full, and it’s fine by you because you’re now on the other side of the walls meant to fortify Calvin-esque, predetermined identities.

This picture doesn’t affect you anymore either.

Moving on now from the mental to the somatic…

3) Working out and/or improving your physical appearance becomes mandatory. Revelation sets in rather quickly that you do not have to be bound to bad haircuts, thrift shop wardrobes, nor prepubescent body frames forever. The “I’m fill-in-the-blank because I’m Asian” excuses don’t work anymore. You’re short, skinny, and feminine-looking in the face? So what. Life is unfair. You’re dealt the cards you’re dealt—now play. Nick Vujivic is without all four limbs and still it would be a gross understatement to say that the man has been getting along “just fine.” You can keep marinating in the misery of conceded defeat, or you can resolve to work your ass off to sculpt a physique that women find desirable. Do for yourself what needs to be done and in three months’ time you’ll be shocked at the new man reflecting back at you in the literal and proverbial mirror.


4) Last, with your armor of excuses now completely dismantled, you have nothing to hide behind anymore. It’s time to start approaching beautiful women, Asians and non-Asians alike, with the intention that you are going to date and/or bed them. Remember that success always follows failure, so long as you’re prepared to keep failing.


The above in its entirety is my solemn promise to you. Take responsibility for your life. Stop being Asian, and not out of self-hate, but because you no longer wish to be a prisoner of inherited definition. You’re done representing an entire race, ethnicity, skin color, country, and area code. You now represent yourself. For better or worse, you are your own man. Learn to become what serves you best, vow to quit the excuses cold-turkey, and holy shit, put the fucking Magic cards down and go get your goddamn cock back.


Steven Kendall


9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Asian Men of the West

  1. Awesome, awesome article. You are a goddamn good writer, I hope you will write many more articles for RoK. I’m a white guy living in Asia and also spent some time living in India, and I am also very annoyed at how petty and obnoxious many asian/indian men are, especially concerning their women. I left the following comment on your RoK article:

    I don’t understand why Asian and Indian men get so butthurt when they see an Asian or Indian woman with a white man? GROW UP DUDES!!!

    Like, I’m a white guy, but if I see a white woman with a non-white man, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK because it’s NONE OF MY FUCKING BUSINESS. YOU DO NOT OWN THE FUCKING WOMEN OF YOUR RACE, okay guys?

    Now, feel free to go and bang as many white women as you’d like.

    1. John Doe,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I plan on writing more for ROK, so long as the ideas for substantial articles keep coming. I appreciate the support.

      Re: your comment, I will say that historically, white-cock worship from minority females is a much different beast than minority-cock workship from white females. This is because of the inferiority complex most minority men carry around with them at all hours of the day, due to conditioning, geography, colonialization, what have you. So when their respective women go after white guys for no other reason than because they are white, these minorities take it personally, and it feeds into their already-established, already-powerful inferiority complexes.

      If you flip the script, however, you won’t find the same thing. White males aren’t burdened by an inferiority complex, so when their women are “stolen” by another race’s men, they typically don’t feel the slight. That’s one reason. The other is simply, the frequency of this case is so rare compared to the other way around that white men are completely unaffected.

      All that being said, the point of this letter was to say, “Fuck your inferiority complex. Stop identifying as Asian. Stop complaining. Stop fantasizing about stabbing white guys every time they hump another one of your Asian women. Instead, transcend your race. Reclaim your masculinity. Take responsibility for your life. And most importantly, act. Go out in the world and do you.”


      1. Haha seriously? White guys don’t have an inferiority complex to other races? Tell that to the black guys that got wrongly accused of raping a white woman and hung from a tree branch by white men. That was before but even now, you’ll hear about white guys refusing to date white women that have been with black men. Oh and have you gone to storm front? Tell me those guys don’t have inferiority complexes.

        Saying that just Asians or minorities have inferiority complexes is pretty ignorant.

      2. You’re right. Everyone has an inferiority complex; my personal experience is that minorities in the US tend to let it affect them more. They perpetuate the “I’m a victim” narrative and the liberal media not only allows it; worse, they play megaphone to all the helpless screams. It’s sickening.

        You sound like your own inferiority complex, especially juxtaposed against blacks, runs deep. Now I don’t know you from Adam so I could be completely off. Just what it sounds like.

  2. What this writer fails to acknowledge is the fact that for so long, success and desirability have been measured by the global standards dictated entirely by whites in the Western world. Asians have been successfully reproducing for countless centuries, and they didn’t need to conquer or colonize the rest of the globe to do it, so clearly, they have done at least SOMETHING right. This article isn’t so much about why Asian men are not successful, as it is about why they are not successful in a society where white voices dictate what minority groups are, what they aren’t, what they should be, and what they shouldn’t be. The very existence of this article only further proves and proliferates that. Do you think whites are ever expected to “transcend” their race, or are punished for behaving “too white”? No, because whites are the ideal/norm that all others are expected to aspire to, in a society that rewards whites for just being so. Check your privilege at the door, please.

    1. D D,

      thanks for writing. Just out of curiosity, how did you stumble upon this article?

      Yes, whites are the norm in the US — but here’s the thing — that’s OK. Just like it’s OK that Japanese are the norm in Japan, and French in France. Minorities are minorities because they’re, well, in the minority. It wouldn’t be fair for a white guy to move to China and expect the Chinese to fall over trying to accommodate him, because in China, this white guy would be in the minority.

      You say “…whites are the ideal/norm that all others are expected to aspire to…” Yes, whites are the norm, but the ideal? What others are expected to aspire to? Says who? Remember, you made that up. There’s no law dictating that you have to aspire to be white. It’s a perverse mindset that transfixes on the supposed presupposition that minorities are expected to aspire toward whiteness. But that’s all made up. That’s why transcending is so powerful — it’s abandoning that assumption that says we need to try to be white or try to fit some mold or ideal. We don’t have to. And that’s beautiful because it gives us the freedom to no longer be boxed in by inherited definition. We may be however we want to be now.

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