Hello. My name is S. I am a writer. I am an expat. I live in Asia.

From birth, I was raised Christian. Church every Sunday, prayer every night.

And then one day, I decided it was more important to sleep in than absolve myself of all the sins I’d committed leading up to that Sunday.

Soon after I found out that sins aren’t even real.

I am now an atheist, but only to the extent that I am not a theist. My atheism does not overstep its boundaries.

Most atheists don’t operate like this nowadays. They spend too much time talking about things like feminism and gay people.

But what does the LGBT movement have to do with suspending one’s belief of there being an almighty creator?

That’s rhetorical.

The problem with New Atheists today is that they’re inextricably linked to the political tenets of the Left. And I hate the Left.

That is, I hate them now.

Truth is, I used to be like them, like everybody else, waiting for my handouts in the line farthest to the left.  I was well-versed in The Communist Manifesto. Outspoken in my support of affirmative action. Identified every situation in which I was benefitting from my own “male privilege.” I even went so far as to omit the words “bitch,” “slut,” and “faggot” from my everyday vernacular.

In short, I was a faggot myself.

And then I swallowed the red pill. I’m slowly regrowing the testicles lost to me in infancy.

I realize now that it’s okay to be a capitalist. It’s okay to not be jumping up and down every time I see two guys going at it in the street. It’s okay to call a woman “bitch,” if she is or is being a bitch. And of course, it’s okay for men to be masculine, and women feminine.

I’ve started playing by the rules of Social Darwinism. May the best man win. Survival of the fittest. Kill or be killed.

Society, however, is playing by different rules: Coddle and Cuddle.

If you feel bad about losing a game, stop keeping score. If you feel bad about being fat, start shaming thin people. If you feel bad about being stupid, well, you’re not actually stupid, you’re just “minimally exceptional.” Everybody gets a trophy, everybody goes home happy.


The result is exemplified in the above picture. Overweight women lying to themselves that fat is more attractive than slenderness, and making it politically incorrect to say otherwise.

These ideologies are killing society. There is no truth in them. They are corrupt. They are profane. They do not lead to excellence. I am offended by their very existence.

My aim with this blog is to push back against an agenda that is eternally seeking to normalize the insane.

I want men to be men again, and women to be women again.

I plan to write often about topics that include, but are not limited to: masculinity, the declining West, feminism, atheism, game, and improving oneself both physically and mentally.

Comments are encouraged. Thank you for reading.



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